Responsive Software

Responsive Software

Responsive Design

Continuous growth in the tablet and smartphone market has created a huge opportunity as well as a problem for many established business owners.

New devices emerging into the marketplace may have a different size, or utilize capabilities, which cause even an existing responsive website to fail.

Businesses on the web must be able to target these devices with their marketing message, not only in terms of how their website looks, but also ensuring that it will function properly across device operating systems.

Responsive Software is an industry expert in responsive design, allowing a website to adjust in size, format, and capability to ensure it works properly on various device types.

This typically means working within a grid based platform which adjusts dynamically to changing device sizes, as well as mobile specific code which targets capabilities found on these devices.

It also means targeting mobile specific controls, optimizing content and working with events found in mobile devices.

Our mobile first approach creates a targeted experience for your user, regardless of their platform.

Cloud Integration

The modern web is a connected experience.

Consider the business need to plot a location on a google map, push marketing to facebook and twitter, list jobs posted on linkedin or videos from vimeo. Or, log in your user through Google +.

APIs allow web applications to leverage partnerships by consuming and rebranding their services. Allowing you to blend and leverage existing services to streamline workflow and customize the user's experience.

Today, there are thousands of APIs available that allow you to extend and streamline your business.

Responsive Software has worked with all of the most common APIs and many others you may not have heard of.

Whether it's marketing, provisioning, accounting or some other business service, we can help you find the right solution.

We can also help you bridge the gap between your cloud based services by creating a custom platform that consumes from one, and feeds to another. Giving you an end to end solution, and a new perspective on your data.

The end result is a more automated, intelligent system that works the way you need it to.

Smart Components

Current technologies are expanding in new directions, and businesses need to leverage these technologies to stay relevant.

Capabilities like predictive analytics, big data and AI are not beyond your reach.

They are being utilized by many of the hottest technology companies today, and can be implemented into your business solution.

From intelligent chatbots to speech, vision or translation services you can leverage the power of cloud based solutions which can be used to build smart components in your business application.

Responsive Software leverages solutions like Google Cloud or IBM Watson to build custom components that bring your company into the 3rd wave.

Let us help you disrupt your industry in a breathtaking way by creating a solution that redefines innovation and takes your company to the next level.

We love challenges, and will help you find a way to make your idea a reality.

Business Software

Bottom line, we build software.

Responsive Software uses an agile prototype process, in conjunction with a business first, phased approach.

This process allows you to be involved in a feedback loop which maximizes your flexibility in building the solution you want. Each phase of the development process will allow you to interact with a prototyped version of your application which will gain complexity over time.

We build solutions which work for your business giving you the maximum opportunity to leverage your technology and keep overhead to a minimum.

We offer a competitive, budget based pricing structure that allows you to do more, over time, and make revenue from your solution.

We provide full life cycle support, including domain registration and hosting solutions as needed.

You can expect excellent customer service, communication and responsive service.